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‘Hijab hunt’ contest fuels pride in local beauty



COMPANY Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

BRAND VALUE US$389 million



INDUSTRY Personal Care




Sunsilk shampoo is known around the world but in Indonesia is seen as a favourite local brand, thanks to its long heritage in this market, its use of popular Indonesian brand ambassadors, and the release of products that cater to the needs of local women. It is Unilever’s biggest shampoo brand in Indonesia, and urges women to take pride in their naturally dark hair and, in a growing area of emphasis, to appreciate the beauty of women who wear a hijab over their hair. The annual “Hijab Hunt” beauty and talent contest has grown since its launch in 2012, and last year involved 6,700 women from 10 cities. The contest, which is aired on TV and generates huge buzz, seeks to provide women with Muslim role models and inspire them to explore their potential. Several Sunsilk variants were given name and packaging overhauls in 2016 to focus on hijab wearers; Lively Strong is now Hijab Recharge Lively Strong, and other products include Hijab Recharge Anti-Dandruff. Other communications campaigns include a multi-city “Kilau Fest” or “Shine Fest” featuring brand ambassador Karina Salim and other stars. The festival brings together salon services with fashion and skills workshops for women. Sunsilk’s parent company, Unilever Indonesia, is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.