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10 Dove


Company: Unilever

Brand value: US$6,020 million

Headquarter city: London

Change since 2017: 1%

Industry: Personal Care

Year formed: 1957


Dove is a personal care brand that stands out in its category for using its communications to challenge the way the world thinks about beauty, and improve the way women feel about themselves. The brand turned 60 in 2017, and marked the anniversary with a range of activities underlining its support for women to have body confidence, including a “Real Beauty Showcase” campaign championing real women over supermodels. It launched a new content studio, Real Beauty Productions, expanding the definition of real beauty by telling the personal stories of real women rather than Hollywood interpretations of women’s lives. A 60-second ad shown during the Emmy Awards highlighted the all-female cast and crew behind the work, led by producer and screenwriter Shonda Rhimes. The campaign generated 3,000-plus story submissions in just a week. The long-running Dove Self-Esteem Project has this year taken a new turn, through a two-year global partnership with Cartoon Network's Steven Universe, to educate young people on body confidence through stories and characters in the cartoon. Dove uses social media as both a research and communications tool to spark conversations around authenticity and beauty; hashtags linked to the brand include #wearebeautiful, #confidentgirl, and #speakbeautiful. The Dove range of products extends to washing and bathing products, cleansers and moisturisers, haircare, deodorants and a selection of products for men.