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12. Indian Oil

Company Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Brand Value US$ 1.5 Billion

Headquarter City New Delhi

Industry Oil and Gas

Year Formed 1959

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is India’s national oil company. It’s a publicly traded corporation in which the Indian government owns a majority stake. The company divides its business into three parts: refining, pipeline distribution, and retail marketing.

It owns and operates 10 of the country’s 22 refineries and accounts for over one-third of India’s refining capacity, producing a variety of petroleum products. The brand’s pipelines carry both crude oil and refined products.

Indian Oil operates an extensive network of 23,900 petrol and diesel stations, 98 aviation fuel stations, and propane filling stations across India. Most Indians receive their cooking gas, usually in cylinders, from Indian Oil.

To drive international growth, the company established subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. Indian Oil also ventured into alternative energy, with several solar and wind power projects currently active. The brand runs the largest bio-fuel production plant in India.

Starting operations in 1959 as Oil Company Limited, Indian Oil Corporation was formed in 1964 in a joint venture with Indian Refineries Limited. Indian Oil is listed on the National and Bombay Stock Exchanges.