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Company: Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$1,534 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: -6%

Industry: Tobacco

Year Formed: 2005

U MILD is a brand of machine-rolled cigarette produced by Sampoerna that puts male friendship and a sense of brotherhood at the heart of its communications. The product itself is a more affordable version of the company’s premium A MILD brand, so tends to appeal to lower-income young adult smokers. The brand’s tagline is “Cowok U MILD lebih tahu”, or “U MILD guys know better”. TV ads feature ordinary guys in situations with their mates, often linked to sport, music and motorcycling. In 2017, U MILD launched a limited-edition pack aimed specifically at bikers, and late in the year launched a new TV ad focused on male togetherness, or Broklamasi. This year, U MILD is again running live events with a music and gaming focus, called U MILD Unity Pitstop; they feature video games and other fun activities, as well as performances by popular bands, including Shaggydog. U MILD is sold in Singapore and Malaysia as Sampoerna U.