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15 Chinese brands rank in the Global Top 100

15 Chinese brands rank in the Global Top 100

Another 6 Chinese brands appear in category rankings

Fifteen Chinese brands rank in the 2019’s BrandZ Global Top 100 Most Valuable Brands, compared with only one Chinese brand, 13 years ago, the telecom provider China Mobile.

Indicating the diversity of Chinese enterprise, the 15 brands come from nine categories. Technology is the most represented category with four brands, followed by regional banks with three brands, and retail with two brands.

The other categories, represented with one brand apiece, are: telecom provides, alcohol, insurance, transport, lifestyle platform, and home appliances/IoT ecosystem.

Two of the Chinese brands, both online ecosystems, rank in the BrandZ Global Top 10: Alibaba, China’s most valuable brand and a pioneer in online-offline retail; and Tencent, which operates the ubiquitous social media platform WeChat.

Four of the 15 Chinese brands are among the nine newcomers to the BrandZ Global Top 100. Didi Chuxing and Meituan, are online-to-offline service providers. Haier recently redefined its home appliance business as an ecosystem, serving consumers looking for smart systems rather than individual products. Xiaomi, is the smartphone market leader in China, India, and Spain.

In addition to the 15 Chinese brands that rank in the BrandZ Global Top 100, six other Chinese brands appear in the category rankings. Two Chinese brands rank in the Insurance Top 10: China Life and CPIC. And two Chinese brands rank in the Energy Top 10: Sinopec and Petrochina. With the expanded definition of the BrandZ soft drinks category, now called beverages, China’s leading dairy brands, Yili and Mengniu, entered the BrandZ Beverages Top 15.