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16 Rinso


Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$1,196 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: 5%

Industry: Home Care

Year Formed: 1970

Rinso is a premium-priced laundry detergent and one of the biggest sellers in its category in Indonesia. The brand is the market leader in “matic” detergent – used for washing in machines rather than handwashing, and in the past year has sought to cement its leadership position and encourage trial of Rinso by launching an IDR 2,000 sachet. The brand’s fragrance-enhanced variant, Rinso Molto Ultra (RMU), has also been released in a new format; in March 2017, RMU Pink relaunched, with a small polybag pack costing IDR 5,000 to help it compete with cheaper brands. RMU Purple was also relaunched, later in the year. For many years, Rinso communications have centred on the message “Berani Kotor itu Baik” or “Dirt is Good”, and the message that children develop best when they’re allowed to have adventures and get dirty. Children in muddy or stained clothes always feature in Rinso ads. In the past year, children have once again been the focus of brand communications, but in a slightly different way. Rinso’s “Ayo Main” campaign, specifically linked to its 900g pack, enabled shoppers to exchange the empty pack for a free child’s ticket to one of several theme parks across Indonesia. The campaign created widespread buzz and around the brand. Rinso is known in other markets around the world as Omo, Breeze and Surf Excel, and is part of the Unilever Indonesia range.