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19 ABC


Company: Kraft Heinz Company

Brand Value: US $829 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: 6%

Industry: Food and Dairy

Year Formed: 1975

ABC is best known for its soy sauce, but the range extends into many other condiments, such as tomato sauce and chilli sauce, along with juices, canned fish, soft drinks and ready-to drink coffee. For the past two years, the brand has been focusing on ABC sweet soy sauce in its communications, with well-known and much-loved chef Donna Agnesia featured in advertising. A new label on soy sauce bottles features a heart-shaped soy bean and the words “Perasan Pertama” – meaning “first love” – which is also the tagline used in communications. For its chilli sauce, the brand has for several years run the “Tantangan Sambal ABC”, or the ABC chilli sauce challenge, showing the versatility of the product. ABC supported the Ubud Food Festival, held in April this year, where they ran a program called “Inovasi Cita Rasa Nusantara”, meaning ‘’Innovations of Indonesian Taste’’. They presented dishes from all over the country, all cooked with ABC soy sauce and chilli sauce. ABC products are available in many international markets across Asia and Europe, often sold in specialty Asian grocery stores.