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2 newcomers rank in Brand Contribution

Brand Contribution Top 10

2 newcomers rank in Brand Contribution

High Brand Contribution drives volume, earns premium

Five of the brands that rank in the 2020 Brand Contribution Top 10 appeared last year. Three other brands—Haier, Moutai and Baidu - rose to the Top 10. And two newcomers to the China Top 100—Douyin and 58.com—also appear in the Brand Contribution Top 10.


The BrandZ™ Brand Contribution metric assesses the extent to which brand alone, independent of financial or market factors, drives purchasing volume and enables a brand to command a price premium. The ability for a brand to achieve a premium is important in today’s Chinese market, where sophisticated consumers are prepared to pay a premium price when it is merited.

The consistency of the brands in the Brand Contribution ranking indicates the sustaining nature of Brand Contribution. The appearance of the newcomer brands suggests high Brand Contribution is possible both for new entries and brands with long legacies.

Illustrating that strong brands develop in all sectors of the economy, the Brand Contribution Top 10 come from seven categories. In addition, brands of any size can achieve high Brand Contribution. In brand value, the Top 10 in Brand Contribution range from Moutai, No. 3 in the BrandZ China Top 100, to Robam, the home appliance brand, ranked No. 93.