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20. Horlicks


Company Horlicks

Parent Company GlaxoSmithKline

Brand Value US$ 1.0 Billion

Headquarter City Mumbai

Industry Food and Dairy

Year Formed 1930


India is the world’s largest market for Horlicks, a brand best known for the chocolate malt drink it sells as a powder. Horlicks also produces a range of other drinks, snack bars, and various foods, all positioned to provide nutrition in a tasteful, painless way.

Leveraging this heritage, Horlicks is expanding its range in India, adding items like breakfast cereals to position the brand as a provider of both health foods and drinks. It recently introduced a product for women called Horlicks Women’s.

Originally a children’s food brand, Horlicks for over a decade has organized Horlicks Wizkids, an annual event that promotes educational excellence. School children from across South Asia compete for prizes, in subjects including art, music, and literature.

The Horlicks brand was established in 1873, in Chicago, as a baby food alternative. The Beecham Group, now the UK-based GlaxoSmithKline, acquired the company in 1969. The brand has been present in India since the 1930. The first Indian factory opened in 1960, in Punjab.