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21. Wheel

Company Hindustan Unilever Limited

Brand Value US$ 982 Million

Headquarter City Mumbai

Industry Home Care

Year Formed 1987

Not simply one of India’s most popular household detergent brands, Wheel is among the country’s best selling products across all FMCG sectors. Hindustan Unilever introduced the brand, almost 30 years ago, to segment the detergent market and protect its Surf brand from price competition.

Wheel later expanded its value position by adding claims that the product produces cleaner results and takes some of the tedium out of doing laundry. Ads that feature one of Bollywood’s leading male stars suggest that the product’s fresh and fragrant scents have emotional appeal.

In an innovative mobile campaign, Wheel reached consumers in rural areas less exposed to traditional media. Adapting a widely used money-saving tactic, the brand rang mobile phone numbers but disconnected before the call was picked up, saving the recipient the cost of the call.

Consumers who dialled a free call back number heard a joke, told in the caller’s language, by Wheel’s Bollywood brand ambassador. Supported in traditional and digital media, the campaign enabled Wheel to associate the brand’s value proposition with the rural population’s respect for frugality.

A brand of Hindustan Unilever, the large MNC, Wheel comes in powders, bars and soaps.


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