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22 Indihome


Company: Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk

Brand Value: US$621 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: NEW ENTRY!

Industry: Telecom Providers

Year Formed: 2013

IndiHome is a provider of home broadband, fixed-line phone, interactive TV (called UseeTV) and, since last year, personal mobile phone services. It is a fast-growing sub-brand of the Telkom Indonesia family, expanding its Indihome Broadband subscriber base by 82.6 percent in 2017 to 2.9 million; in its first few months of operations, IndiHome mobile signed up 1.1 million subscribers. Indihome is expanding its network across the country by installing new distribution ports to meet market demand. Indihome advertising focuses on the rational benefits of subscribing to Indihome services, and uses a range of Indonesian dialects to generate broad appeal and show the extent of the network’s coverage. The brand is commonly linked to sporting and music events. It is an official World Cup partner, and runs its own sporting events, such as the Grassroots Festival in 2017, which was a soccer championship for children. Customers are in line for special discounts on concerts and other live performances, along with entry into lucky draws with big prizes, such as motorcycles.