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31. Tata Motors

Company Tata Motors Limited

Brand Value US$ 569 Million

Headquarter City Mumbai

Industry Automobiles

Year Formed 1945

Tata Motors introduced the first Indian-made passenger car and today is a leading manufacturer of personal and commercial motor vehicles, including passenger cars and SUVs; vans, trucks and buses; and police and military vehicles.

Appealing to all segments of the Indian market, Tata offers micro cars, like the Nano, for budget-constrained consumers and the premium brands Jaguar and LandRover, which Tata acquired in 2008, for customers more concerned with performance and status than affordability.

Tata sells products through 250 dealers in almost 200 Indian cities, as well as through a distribution network in 180 countries. It produces cars at six Indian plants and with partnership arrangements it also operates assembly plants in Kenya, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Senegal.

To promote inclusive economic growth, the company’s social action commitment spans initiatives devoted to health care, safe drinking water, education and vocational training, sustainability, and environmental protection.

Formed in 1945 as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited, Tata entered the car business in a joint venture with Daimler-Benz. The name changed to Tata Motors Limited in 2003, and the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange the following year. Tata Motors is part of the Tata Group, a major Indian conglomerate.


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