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33 Tokopedia


Company: Tokopedia

Brand Value: US$380 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: NEW ENTRY!

Industry: Retail

Year Formed: 2009

Tokopedia is an online marketplace founded by its two CEOs, William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison. It is the sector leader in Indonesia, linking thousands of local merchants with online shoppers, and has become the place where consumers can find almost anything they might wish to buy. The business has expanded through investment in recent years; Alibaba in 2017 became the biggest stakeholder in Tokopedia, with a US$1.1 billion investment. The service is hugely popular, and over the Ramadhan 2018 period alone, 73 million people visited the Tokopedia site. The brand is a significant investor in advertising, using TV ads, digital and out-of-home media to show how Tokopedia can be the conduit for solving problems people face in everyday life. Tokopedia also works with influential people on social media, and this year has collaborated with hundreds of public figures on an Instagram campaign that has gone viral. Actor Chelsea Islan is an ambassador for Tokopedia in its advertising. The brand’s tagline is “Mulai aja dulu” (‘’Just try it’’), which relates to the Tokopedia service and aims to encourage people to pursue their aspirations. The Ramadhan 2018 ad focuses on the importance of family, showing a mother in a poor family making sacrifices for her son, and then the boy as an adult repaying his mother’s kindness. Tokopedia announced late last year it would launch its own innovation and research center, and frequently hosts seminars for small enterprises about how to manage and grow their business.