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38 Citra


Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

Brand Value: US $288 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: 6%

Industry: Personal Care

Year Formed: 1984

The skincare brand Citra offers a range of cleansers, moisturizers and other care products for the face, hands and body. It is priced to appeal to lower-income earners, and in its communications highlights the natural origins of its ingredients by showing them either growing or being harvested and processed by Citra. In the past year, communications have highlighted the new variant, Citra Sakura, which includes ingredients from Japan’s sakura trees, a kind of flowering cherry tree. The distinctive pink blossom of the plant features on Citra Sakura packaging. Advertising in the past year has become more lively, energetic and youth-focused; it features Citra’s new brand ambassador, the young movie and soap opera star Febby Rastanty. Citra has a strong Facebook presence that helps the brand be part of the digital conversation about skin care and beauty.