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38. Saffola

Company Marico Limited

Brand Value US$ 450 Million

Headquarter City Mumbai

Industry Food and Dairy

Year Formed 1960s

Launched during the 1960s as a cooking oil to help lower the risk of heart disease, Saffola has broadened its appeal to promote healthly living and help combat cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The broader brand proposition, launched around a decade ago, reflects the values and increased affluence of India’s rising middle class. An expanded product range includes more edible oil options, each with a different mix of beneficial ingredients like antioxidants, molecules known fortify health, breakfast foods like muesli and oats, and low-sodium salt.

To cultivate an audience devoted to healthy living and to raise awareness about the risk of heart disease and other illnesses, Saffola introduced Saffolalife.com, an educational website that offers recipes, expert advice, and Saffola product suggestions. Saffola has sponsored other initiatives, including free cholesterol checks for the general public.

Bombay Oil Industries introduced Saffola Oil in the 1960s. Today it’s marketed by Marico Limited, an Indian FMCG company specialized in beauty and wellness and present in 25 Asian and African countries. Marico was listed on the India’s National and Bombay Stock Exchanges in 1996.


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