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4 A Mild


Company: Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$8,279 million

Headquarters: Jakarta

Year On Year Change: 0%

Industry: Tobacco

Year Formed: 1989

When A Mild launched in 1989, it brought not just a new product to the market but also launched a whole new category: machine-rolled mild cigarettes. The brand remains one of the biggest brands in the category, and in mid-2017 launched a new variety, A Mild Menthol Burst. A Mild is one of the biggest investors in advertising among the cigarette brands, and has for several years played with the idea of daring to be different. The brand positions itself as a progressive option in the category, and this year, A Mild’s campaigns have the tagline “Nanti juga lo paham” (‘’You’ll understand eventually’’). The brand is strongly linked to music, and is this year again supporting the long-running music festival Soundrenaline, in Bali, which encourages audience participation. The September 2017 Soundrenaline had the theme “United We Loud”, and in the lead-up to the main festival, A Mild held a series of smaller events in 50 cities across Indonesia called “Road to Soundrenaline”. A Mild has also supported the “Go Ahead Challenge”, a creative platform through which young people can showcase their talent for music, fashion, photography and other visual art.