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44 Clear


Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

Brand Value: US $238 million

Headquarters:  Jakarta

Year On Year Change: 1%

Industry: Personal Care

Year Formed: 1975

Clear is a popular brand of anti-dandruff shampoo, which is increasingly using its association with celebrity ambassadors to stay relevant to a broad range of consumers. In its communications for a new variant launched in early 2018, Clear Natural Black, the emphasis was on the beautiful condition that Clear gives hair, as well as its anti-dandruff properties. For its Ramadan 2017 campaign, Clear’s #pakaikepaladingin (keep a cool head) campaign used TV to tell the story of a married couple – played by celebrity actors - in lighthearted situations where they needed to keep a cool, clear head to solve everyday problems. Digital advertising continues to be a significant part of Clear’s advertising spend. In the past year, Clear has run a digital campaign promoting self-confidence, #BeYourOwnLegendStory, featuring actors Keenan Pearce and Kim Kurniawan. More recently, it has been using the hashtag #AyoIndonesiaBisa (Go, Indonesia!), linking with several local singers and YouTube personalities in support of Indonesia in the upcoming Asian Games.