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45 Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Company: Nestlé SA

Brand value: US$1,587 million

Headquarter city: Vevey, Switzerland

Change since 2017: 2%

Industry: Food and Dairy

Year formed: 1935

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer that has become one of the most influential chocolate bars of all time, according to Time magazine. It has been produced in more than 200 flavours over the years and in April this year, UK consumers became the first in Europe to be able to buy the new “ruby chocolate” Kit Kat, which is naturally bright pink. The ruby bars had previously been launched in Korea and Japan, where there is huge demand for a regularly extended range of exotic flavours of Kit Kat. In April this year, to mark Kat Kat’s 45th anniversary in Japan, the brand launched a worldwide vote on new flavour ideas. This attracted more than 15,000 entries and 21 of the best flavour ideas have been selected, to be announced in November. The Kit Kat slogan “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” has been used since 1955. Advertising in the past year has included the “My Travel Break” campaign, featuring packs with postcard shots from beautiful locations in India, and videos providing viewers with a “virtual break”. Kit Kat has used social media to promote ways consumers can give themselves a break, and for Earth Day, encouraged people to switch off lights to give the planet a break. The brand’s Halloween campaign gave consumers a break from the usual monsters and ghouls of the night, showing zombies running away from the living and instead opting for a Kit Kat.