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5 forces driving the future of commerce

5 forces driving the future of commerce

Joachim Bacher, Director



The future is, to some extent, already here; there are harbingers of what we can expect to see when shopping. Here are five emerging forces shaping the future:

  1. Robots will one day be able to give advice to shoppers, but for now, the human element cannot be replaced. However, communication can take place offline and online, and the boundaries between the two are blurring. The key difference is the need for an experience in offline retail.
  2. We see a reversal in the way people make their selection: their focus is no longer primarily on the benefit of a product or service, but rather the story behind the brand.
  3. Experience the new status symbol; the ability to share a product or a service is becoming more important, especially among the middle classes.
  4. Automation of the purchasing process can save time, but many consumers still value an exchange with another individual. This is especially the case for women.
  5. Claims of sustainability must be honest and transparent, realized through socially and ecologically produced products and services, as well as through high quality.

The future starts today!