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8 Surya


Company: Gudang Garam Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$2,374 million

Headquarters: Kediri

Year On Year Change: 15%

Industry: Tobacco

Year Formed: 1958

Surya is the name given to a full-flavor, machine-rolled cigarette and a low-tar, low-nicotine variant called Surya Pro Mild. Pro Mild is sold at a cheaper price to the flagship Surya original product and is popular among young male smokers. Advertising for the brand focuses on male strength; a series of 2018 ads show a boxer enduring arduous training sessions in all weather conditions to get himself into optimum shape. The tagline is “Never quit”. The Surya name has a long-running association with motorcycling, under the banner “Suryanation”, and sponsors motorcycling expos and rallies which as well as motorsports also feature music. These events have helped establish a community around the brand. Surya’s CSR efforts include health and education programs and emergency help in the event of natural disasters.