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A Closer Look at Brand South Africa

South Africa ranks 39th overall among all nations and #1 in Africa.

Its best individual category rank in “Movers” places it 18th in the world, well above the world’s overall top three countries (Switzerland-28, Canada-32, and Germany-35 in “movers”) and well above the United States, ranked 29th. There are four attributes that are equally weighted to determine this score; different, distinctive, dynamic, and unique. Collectively, the “movers” category accounts for 10% of the overall BAV country rank. South Africa’s highest attribute is its uniqueness.

South Africa’s “adventure” score is also quite high, ranked at 25th in the world, strongly supported by its scenic geography and pleasant climate. South Africa’s “power”, which measures strength in economic, political, military, leadership and international alliances, ranked 28th in the world, bolstered by its strong international relationships. South Africa’s strong “heritage”, ranked 33rd in the world, and “entrepreneurship”, also ranked 33rd and driven by its connectedness to the rest of the world, places it well above many developed countries.  Also of note, South Africa is considered the 11th best country in the world in which to study abroad.

 It’s lowest ranking at #62, “quality of life” which contributes nearly 17% towards a country’s overall score, is impacted by global perception of South Africa’s lack of safety, translating into the lowest possible score in income equality. South Africa’s second lowest category ranking of #61, “open for business”, underscores its high degree of corruption, lack of government transparency, and its unfavorable tax environment. However, with major changes in government taking place in 2018, and the potential for new policies geared towards improvement in government transparency, pro-business mindset, and improvements in safety and security, we would expect to see South Africa improve its score in these areas considerably, and demonstrate improvements in country ranking overall.






The Movers subranking is based on an equally weighted average of scores from four country attributes: different, distinctive, dynamic and unique. The Movers subranking score had a 10 percent weight in the overall Best Countries ranking.



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