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Company: Kraft Heinz Co

Brand value: US$613 million

Year on year change: -26%

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Category: Food and Dairy

Year formed: 1975

ABC is best known for its soy sauce, but offers a large range of condiments, juices, canned fish and soft drinks, and in 2018 added several new sambal varieties, plus seasonings, called ABC Bumbu Pedas, to the mix. ABC communications tends to feature “slice of life” stories focused on traditional families, particularly around festive occasions. It also links specific products with celebrities, such as Chef Bara in the case of Bumbu Pedas and ABC Sambal, and Ipang Lazuardi for ABC Sari Kacang Hijau ready-to-drink products. ABC is a heavy investor in digital communications, through webseries and cooking demonstrations conducted around the country, and often runs popular competitions. Parent company Heinz supports several public health campaigns to promote nutrition in Indonesia.