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Company: Kraft Heinz Company
Brand value: US$688 million
Year on year change: N/A
Headquarter city: Jakarta
Industry: Food and Dairy
Year formed: 1975
ABC is a much-loved condiments brand in Indonesia that makes its first entrance into the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2016 this year. It is best known for its soy sauce (kecap), tomato sauce, and hot sauce, but also produces syrup, juice, sardines, traditional beverages such as chrysanthemum drinks, and ready-to-drink coffee. The condiments market has improved in the past year as people have cut back on restaurant meals in favor of cheaper home cooking.
Time-saving innovations such as Sambal Masak have appealed to busy consumers who want to be able to make authentic-tasting meals in a hurry, and these have been linked to promotions including the ’30-minute Delicious Challenge’ cooking contest.
The brand plays on its heritage in the market and its role in helping families enjoy traditional cuisine. Television advertising tends to take a light-hearted look at family life, with mothers at the heart of the home. Their advertising slogan is ‘Dengan ABC, Ibu selalu bisa’, meaning ‘With ABC, Mom can always do it’. In late 2015, the brand launched a campaign for its sambal (chilli sauce) with a younger, more modern feel to it: #GilaSambalABC, or ‘Crazy about ABC Sambal’. During Ramadan 2015, the brand hosted an event at which 1,000 mothers cooked breakfast for 20,000 orphans.
ABC products are available in many international markets across Asia and Europe, often sold in specialty Asian grocery stores. ABC was launched by PT ABC Central Food; in 1999 H. J. Heinz Company began operations in Indonesia and acquired 65 percent share of PT ABC Central Food and formed PT Heinz ABC Indonesia. Kraft Heinz Company is listed on the NASDAQ in the US.