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Company: Danone SA

Brand value: US$3,043 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Industry: Food & Dairy

Year formed: 1987

Activia is a range of yoghurt products that launched initially under the name BIO, which is generally used for organic products; the name change to Activia came about because the European Union objected to the name BIO being used for a non-organic food. Activia was the first yoghurt to contain probiotics called bifidus actiregularis, and was a great match for growing demand for health products in the 1980s and 1990s. It has since become a supermarket staple around the world, sold in more than 70 countries, with its distinctive green packaging and a growing range of flavors. In France, there are also fruit-layer varieties and a “light” range. In 2016, Activia relaunched globally with a more emotional approach to communications aimed at women, encouraging them to “Live in sync” or “Vivre en phase”, featuring prominent people and everyday women and showing how they have found a balance between mind, body and spiritual wellbeing. The relaunch included new, more modern packaging and a darker green label. More recent advertising has focused on Activia as a brand for breakfast; a new cereal variant has been launched in Europe, along with a liquid version for breakfast on the go. Activia is part of Danone, which is listed on the Euronext Paris exchange.