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Company: Danone Group

Brand Value: US$ 2,904 million

Change since 2018: -5%

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Food & Dairy

Year Formed: 1987

Activia is a range of yogurt products now sold in more than 70 countries. Products are sold in Activia’s distinctive green and white packaging and come in a range of flavors and varieties, including fruit layers, a “light” range, and cereal-containing liquid versions for a quick breakfast. Recently launched flavors include kiwi-lime-aloe vera, and strawberry raspberry-goji, as well as the new Activia Touche De range of infusion-inspired tastes. The brand is primarily consumed by women, and this is reflected in the brand’s advertising. Following a global campaign encouraging women to “Live in sync” or “Vivre en phase”, Activia launched a new campaign in 2017 presenting the product as a way to help women feel good from the inside out. The “Tout commence à l’intérieur” (“It all starts inside”) global campaign continued into 2018.