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Parent Company: Aeon Co. Ltd

Brand Value: $2,932 million

Headquarter city: Chiba city, Japan

Industry: Retail

Year formed: 1926

Aeon is a Japanese retail giant that, across its many sub-brands, accounts for the greatest total operating revenue in Japan’s retail industry. The cornerstone of Aeon’s strategy is synergy across over 300 diverse retail businesses, with Aeon-branded malls, supermarkets, and general merchandise stores serving as the flagships of this effort. It has stores in 11 countries worldwide, all operating under the philosophy of, “Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with customers’ point of view as its core.” In Japan, the company is nearly completing its process of absorbing Daiei and other supermarket brands under its own food brand, and is also looking to expand its discount store, home furnishing, and apparel offerings. Digitization is another strong priority, both in streamlining in-store processes and in the revamping of Aeon’s online store system. Across all areas the company is also striving to boost its private label offerings. Aeon’s CSR often focuses on the brand’s impressive tree-planting initiative, and in recent years the company has also revamped its store designs and social policies to make Aeon a friendlier social space for older customers. Aeon Co., Ltd is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.