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Company: Aldi Group

Brand Value: US$14,628 million

Change since 2019: 0%

Headquarters: Essen (Aldi Nord) and Mülheim (Aldi Süd)

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1913

ALDI is one of the world’s original discount supermarkets and has been a leader in taking the concept beyond Germany to the rest of the world. While consumers know the brand simply as ALDI, the business is divided into ALDI Nord and ALDI Süd, run separately but each offering everyday essentials at low prices. There are more than 10,000 ALDI stores around the world. ALDI has been on a mission to reduce wasteful packaging, and last year alone reduced by 15,000 tons the packaging material used on its private label products. This is a reduction of over 40,000 tons since 2015. The business has pledged to ensure all private label packaging is recyclable by 2022, and to continue to reduce all packaging. Another area of focus has been organic food; ALDI has expanded its organic range, and is working with strategic partners and external experts on organic innovations.