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Company: Amazon.com Inc.

Brand Value: $165,256 Million

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1994


Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales volume, as well as a growing cloud infrastructure and consumer electronics brand. It attracts over 130 million customers to its United States website per month and recently acquired an extensive physical footprint with the purchase of Whole Foods, an upscale American supermarket chain. It uses its vast amount of data on shopping behaviors and purchasing history to target segments at an individual level, allowing it to quickly build affinity and convert visitors into long-term, high value customers. As with many large American technology brands, detailing its full list of products and services is a tall task. One highlight is its popular Amazon Echo devices, which enable users to access and control an array of intelligent apps and physical products by voice. Its Alexa service, which powers Echo, will also find its way into cars and a growing range of digital devices in 2018. Many Americans experience the brand through its Amazon Prime service, which provides free, two-day shipping and many other benefits, including the Amazon Video streaming service. Amazon also offers cloud-based infrastructure for other businesses through Amazon Web Services. As of 2017, it is the 8th-largest United States employer.