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American Airlines

American Airlines

Company: American Airlines Group Inc.

Brand Value: $9,586 Million

Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX

Category: Airlines

Year formed: 1926

American Airlines is currently the world's largest airline by a number of measures, including fleet size, revenue, and passenger-miles flown. Much of its scale is due to its 2013 merger with another large carrier, U.S. Airways, which was rebranded and flew its last flight in 2015. Currently, American Airlines operates 6,700 flights daily to 350 destinations. It is also a founding member of the OneWorld Alliance. With 80 percent of its business in its home market, the brand operates in a largely undifferentiated category, though it was the first U.S. airline to offer premium economy service and is ramping up a basic economy strategy designed to compete with low cost rivals. To the American consumer, the brand has recently adopted the tagline “The World's Greatest Flyers Fly American.” The idea is to highlight and instruct its audience on good flying behavior. American Airlines is also promoting the concept on social media, where airlines have come under pressure from consumers calling out poor experiences on airplanes.