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Parent Company: Heineken NV

Brand value: $1,758 Mil.

Headquarter city: Zoeterwoude        

Industry: Beer

Year formed: 1870

Amstel is an international beer brand that remains intimately tied to its Dutch heritage. Indeed, the brand’s name comes from the Amstel River, and its origins involve two friends coming together near the riverside to establish a brewery. Today Amstel is sold in over 100 countries worldwide and is especially known abroad for its light offerings. At home, the brand offers a full array of lager, pilsner, and non-alcoholic beers, and is known for its golden, full taste. The brand enjoys a strong market position behind Heineken, and in fact Heineken N.V. has owned Amstel since 1968. Amstel is well known for sponsoring the EUFA Europa league, the Amstel Gold bike race, and the Friends of Amstel Live concert. These concerts are running into their 21st edition. Amstel launched a new campaign in May 2018, putting the taste of its beer front and center – the idea being that Amstel is not trying too hard to be cool, tough, or trendy, and certainly not “epic” – but is rather the beer with the best taste for real people. Amstel’s parent company Heineken N.V. trades on Euronext Amsterdam and in New York.