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Apparel Insight | Inversion


Anusha Couttigane

Senior Analyst, Research Services

Kantar Consulting



Luxury races to market

as fast fashion

goes premium


In the fashion space we are seeing an inversion of trends between luxury and mass market players. Fast fashion players like H&M, for example, are introducing more premium focused collections, indicating a shift toward more long-term planning for those upmarket collections. Conversely, luxury brands are looking for ways to introduce newness more frequently without applying that sentiment across their entire ranges. Historically, luxury brands have operated around a bi-annual calendar with two major drops per year. Yet we are now seeing them create smaller ranges that stimulate the market at regular intervals and help them stay front-of-mind between big seasonal drops. Gucci is a good example of a brand that is exploiting this strategy, by creating capsule collections in collaboration with artists and other creative personalities to generate interest more often.