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Company: GlaxoSmithKline PLC

Brand value: US$582 million

Change since 2019: NEW ENTRY!

Category: Personal Care

Headquarter city: Brentford

Year formed: 1973

Aquafresh produces a range of oral hygiene products but is best known for its distinctive triple-stripe toothpaste. The original Aquafresh toothpaste had just two stripes, blue and white, to represent the twin benefits of using it: fighting tooth decay and having fresh breath. A third stripe, in red, was later added to represent an additional benefit, healthy gums. The brand has traditionally focused its communications on encouraging healthy oral care habits in children; in 2019, it launched a year-long partnership with Disney featuring “Captain Aquafresh”. Sales have been declining, however, so in 2020 Aquafresh changed its approach, with a focus on new flavours. Aquafresh Splash is a strawberry and mint flavoured toothpaste for children, while two flavours have been developed for adults: Energising Grapefruit, Lemon & Mint, and Refreshing Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint. Earlier this year, the brand seized on an opportunity in the Netherlands to “claim” over 1,500 blank white billboards by sticking temporary Aquafresh toothpaste stickers on them. The spaces had to be left blank by the NS (National Railways) due to a tendering irregularity, and Aquafresh spotted a chance to unofficially promote its White & Shine paste.