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Are customers really to blame for falling loyalty?

Are customers really to blame for falling loyalty?

Dirk Weiss

Managing Director München

Superunion Germany


Global mega trends like digital transformation cause fundamental changes to market conditions. They make products and services more comparable and make brand design and brand experiences more diverse, differentiated and fragmented via a growing number of customer touchpoints.

But these mega changes don't create a new “hybrid” customer, nor do they change people's natural, basic need for brands. People buy brands because they provide orientation in a confusing sea of products; because brands solve real problems with innovative products; because brands offer reliable quality and a unique image that is of additional value.

Decreasing brand loyalty is just customers’ natural response to, for example, bad brand experiences along customer journeys, interchangeable products and services, or brand design and communication that fail to meet customers’ needs.


The task of brand management therefore remains the same as it ever was: create unique, highly attractive brand design and experiences across all touchpoints, and be consistent, differentiated and focused on customer needs.


The reward will be happy customers with strong brand loyalty.