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Company: Campbell Soup Company

Brand value: US$341 million

Change since 2018: 8%

Headquarter city: Sydney

Category: Food

Year formed: 1865

Arnott’s extensive range of sweet biscuits and savory snacks are the stuff of Aussie legend; generations have grown up with varieties such as TimTam, Shapes, Kingston and Iced Vovo. Recently launched variants include TimTam Slams, in three new flavors, and Australia-shaped Vegemite and Cheese Shapes. Arnott’s has also been working with partners on products inspired by brand classics. With Deliveroo it has partnered with chicken restaurants around the country to create Shapes Fried Chicken; chicken drumsticks are coated in cracker crumbs before frying. Gold Class Event Cinemas is offering sundaes with Arnott’s biscuit bases, Hungry Jack’s has Arnott’s Shapes Barbecue Shaker Chips, and Dairy Farmers has launched limited-edition “bikkie-inspired” milks flavoured with Iced Vovo or Mint Slice. Parent company Campbell Soup has announced it want to sell Arnott’s and its other non-US brands, but attempts by Mondelez to buy Campbell’s international business were, at the time of writing, at a stalemate over price.