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At-a-glance category and brand changes

Key Results

At-a-glance category and brand changes


Amazon retains ranking lead

With a 32 percent increase in value, Amazon remained the No 1 most valuable brand. Although consumer reliance on home delivery during the pandemic stretched Amazon’s logistics capabilities, it also affirmed Amazon’s strength.

Swap at the Top

Microsoft edges past Google

Corporate cultural change, open systems, and the growth of its cloud business helped generate a 30 percent increase in value for Microsoft that pushed the brand up one slot in the ranking to No. 3, just after Apple, swapping places with Google, which was impacted by declining ad revenue related to Covid-19.

Top 10 Entry

MasterCard brand enters the Top 10

An 18 percent rise in value propelled MasterCard into the Top 10. The ascent of MasterCard, and the presence of Visa at No. 5, reflect brand resilience as payments and other financial services continue to experience digital disruption.

Top Category

Retail leads growth with 21 percent rise

With strong performances by Costco, Amazon, Walmart, JD.com, Target, Costco, and Alibaba, the BrandZ™ Retail Top 20 increased 21 percent in value following a 25 percent rise a year ago—with physical stores closed during the pandemic. Having digitally transformed over the past decade, these retailers were positioned for the online purchasing and flexible delivery options required by pandemic shopping habits.

Top Riser

A 58 percent value increase pushes Moutai to No. 1

Moutai, the traditional Chinese baijiu alcohol brand, increased 58 percent to lead the Global Top 100 in percentage value increase. Moutai widened its distribution, range, packaging, and targeting strategies while retaining its premium brand positioning.

Repeat Performer

Instagram rises 47 percent  after 95 percent a year ago

Having led the Top 100 fastest risers a year ago, with a 95 percent increase in value, Instagram added another strong performance, rising 47 percent as its popularity as a brand for social sharing continued to grow.

Chinese Presence

Two more Chinese brands enter Top 100

Two Chinese brands, TikTok, the short-format video app, and Bank of China were among five newcomers that joined the Top 100. Bank of China returned after a short absence. A year ago, four of the newcomer brands were Chinese. The BrandZ™ Global Top 100 now includes 17 Chinese brands.


Five brands Join Top 100

Along with TikTok and Bank of China, the personal care brand Lancôme entered the Top 100, partly on the strength of its sales in China. United Healthcare also entered the Top 100 after the BrandZ™ expanded the insurance category ranking to include health insurers. Driven by the success of a widening product range and renewed marketing strategy, Pepsi returned to the Top 100.