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Company: AT&T Inc.

Brand Value: $114,915 Million

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Category: Telecom providers

Year formed: 1882


AT&T is currently the largest telecommunications company in the world by revenue and the United States’ largest subscription TV provider. The original AT&T, which held a monopoly on telephone service in the United States, was broken up in 1982 by an antitrust lawsuit, with the brand retaining only the company’s long distance services. One of the other resulting companies, SBC Communications, purchased the brand back in 2002 and adopted its name. Today, AT&T works to distinguish itself by being bigger, faster, and more reliable than its competition. It currently has 15.7 million Internet connections, 3.1 million business customers, 47 million TV customers, and 147 million wireless subscribers in the United States and Mexico. It sells its services through more than 2,200 of its own stores as well as alliances with many of the nation’s leading retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Radio Shack. AT&T is facing some headwinds as customers cut cords on expensive all-in-one service plans. To fuel its growth, it has announced plans to acquire Time Warner, one of the largest TV and film production companies in the world. The combination of strengths will allow it to become a leader in the converging world of media and communications.