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Parent Company: Kao Corporation

Brand value: $766 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo

Industry: Home Care

Year formed: 1987

Attack is a brand of detergent first introduced by the Kao Corporation in 1987 in a unique compact powdered format. Japan’s leading laundry detergent, Attack today competes successfully with international brands from P&G and Unilever thanks to its focus on technological innovation and its close attention to the changing laundry needs of Japanese households. For example, as outdoor play has declined and washing machine technology has improved, Attack’s offerings have moved beyond simply removing “dirt” to addressing the “invisible stains” from odor-causing bacteria and mold. Attack’s detergents are also now offered in a variety of liquid, concentrate, and biogel formats in order to keep pace with advancements in front-loading washing machines, the rise of synthetic performance fabrics, and consumers’ desires to use less water. Attack’s most recent campaigns have been geared toward educating consumers about the premium benefits of its new “Attack Zero” offering, which uses a new detergent base to deliver “Zero stubborn stains,” “Zero musty odor,” and “Zero detergent residue,” as well as innovative packaging that dispenses measured amounts of detergent. Attack’s parent company Kao Group is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.