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Company: Pierre Fabre SA

Brand value: US$716 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Category: Personal Care

Year formed: 1990

Avene offers a premium range of plant-based skincare and cosmetics products that are positioned as gentle, soothing, softening and moisturising. It is particularly suited to people with sensitive skin. The brand is best known for its Avene Thermal Water – a facial spray - and its flagship product, Tolerance Extreme, which launched in in 1996 in sterile, single-use pods. Avene is widely available in France, Italy and Spain, and several other European markets. The story of Avene dates back to 1736, when the Marquis de Rocozel’s horse was said to have been relieved of its itchy skin condition after bathing in the thermal waters at the town of Avene. The brand itself was launched many years later, in 1990. Avene is based on traditional ingredients, but the brand takes a modern approach to marketing, with a strong emphasis on social media. Its recent campaign to promote Eau Thermale Avène’s treatment of burns, eczema and other skin conditions generated 2 million impressions within three months. The campaign focused on trial use of Avene products by eczema sufferers, in “The 21 Day XeraCalm Challenge”. The brand also has a lively and regularly updated blog, featuring well-known beauty blogger Capucine Piot. Avene has a strong following on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, where it uses different content depending on the platform, such as behind-the-scenes shots on Instagram. Avene is part of the privately owned company Pierre Fabre SA.