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Company: Aviva PLC

Brand value: US$2,386 million

Change since 2018: -9%

Headquarter city: London

Industry: Insurance

Year formed: 1696

Aviva is the UK’s leading insurance provider, with 13 million customers in the country and 33 million around the world using its insurance, savings and investment services. The business has a new CEO, with Maurice Tulloch taking the helm in March 2019. The rise of comparison sites in recent years has hit many insurers, given that most consumers buy on price and have little interest in the sector.  In response, Aviva been focusing on a new brand promise centred on “Good Thinking”,  and its new product, AvivaPlus, which it says will help rebuild public trust in a sector that has previously failed to reward customer loyalty. The product allows users to pay in monthly instalments at no extra charge and does away with charges for cancelling or changing a policy. It also includes a promise that renewing customers will – at a minimum – be offered the same deal as a new customer. As one of several major investors in BP, Aviva has been active in pushing BP to be more transparent about how it is fighting climate change. Aviva is a prominent sponsor of sport, particularly rugby and cycling.