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Company: AXA S.A.

Brand Value: US$ 7,011 million

Change since 2018: 1%

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Insurance

Year Formed: 1985[a]

AXA provides a range of insurance products along with savings and pension services and related financial products. Its heritage stretches back 200 years, though it has only been known by the AXA name since 1985. It operates in more than 60 countries and serves 107 million customers worldwide. In late 2017, the group announced a simplification of its operating model, in part to enable its operating companies to get closer to the consumers they serve. The brand’s public image remains business-like and reflects AXA’s premium positioning in the financial services market. Advertising shows AXA helping customers manage the ups and downs of daily life, moving away from a focus on specific insurance products and emphasizing AXA as an open, helpful brand. In late 2017, AXA launched its first global campaign; rather than focusing on AXA’s expertise, it featured its customers’ stories and points of view, showing AXA as part of a process that empowers people to achieve their goals. AXA has listed its US subsidiary on the New York Stock Exchange, and has acquired XL, now named AXA XL, which will focus on insurance, reinsurance and risk consulting.


[a]Note to self, French team insist this is the right date as it’s when the brand (not the company) began