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B2B: Brand Building Action Points

Brand Building Action Points


1.         Ask the right questions

Consider how to transform the brand as a service. The provocative question to ask is: if the brand divested all of its products today, what would be left? What is the brand’s purpose? How can the brand build on the answers?


2.         Keep changing

What gets a brand to the top sometimes stops differentiating the brand when it arrives. Leading brands need to set themselves apart from their peers and from new competitors. Change is hard and risky. But change is necessary, and too often happens too late.


3.         Collaborate

Finding partners, especially across the increasingly porous B2B-B2C divide, can leverage current capabilities, develop new ones, and expose the brand to new customers—all while growing revenue.


4.         Customize the message

Be more adventurous with the brand’s communication style, which can be done in a targeted way, and will have the positive effect of resonating more effectively with the younger managers who are increasingly deciding what B2B brand to purchase—or not.


5.         Communicate to young people

Connecting with younger decision makers, and recruiting younger people to work in the organization, requires genuinely aligning with the values that they espouse, such as sustainability and inclusion.