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B2B Insight | Branding

Uri Baruchin

Strategy Partner




Why is so much B2B marketing still so bland?


B2B marketing increasingly looks to B2C for inspiration and it is the best thing that can happen to it. So much B2B marketing, even from leaders in their sectors is so dull and generic. Why? This is the gravitational pull of B2B’s marketing. B2B – business people talking to business people. The paradigmatic difference between B2C and B2B marketing is the relationship of brand and audience. In B2C the customers are a mystery to be solved. In B2B it looks like all their needs are in the RFP / Tender document.

Often, at top of the sector are those who learned to ‘tick the boxes’ best. Their entire evolution is a training program in being similar. No wonder B2B leader-sets are often both rigid and nearly indistinguishable.


I call this trope ‘the leader’s lament’ – what gets you to the top, stops differentiating you at the top. You may try to differentiate, but your entire organization has evolved to tick boxes,

so stakeholders dilute it to death. The gravitational pull is too hard.


This powerful pattern is the most common challenge faced by marketing leaders in B2B organizations. Identifying the pattern is a start – Never give up.