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B2B Insight | Buying Decisions

Julian Green

Head of Corporate Practice

Kantar Millward Brown




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buying decisions


There are some classic differences between B2B and B2C. First is the complexity of heritage B2B where, increasingly, brands are selling solutions rather than products. And those solutions can’t always be compared like-for-like. So, we are seeing the path to purchase become much more buyer driven. We are seeing more people involved in the decision, which adds to the complexity both from buying and selling perspectives. Here’s where it’s possible to say that B2B is moving toward B2C; because you’re selling to human beings, and those human beings are different from 10-to-20 years ago in that millennials are moving into positions of stronger influence. They bring values to the decision making process that are different from how B2B has been sold in the past. And as human beings making big decisions in full view of colleagues, they need to get it right, so the trust and emotion invested in a partnership are often as important as rational selection.