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Balancing media plans for maximum impact

Balancing media plans for maximum impact

Dr. Markus Eberl
Senior Director Analytics Practice

Kantar, Germany



Duncan Southgate

Global Brand Director, Media, Insights Division



Building a brand and driving sales should be complementary marketing goals, but can often feel like two different worlds. Kantar’s sixth annual “Getting Media Right” survey helps us to understand today’s biggest strategic media challenges, and the latest trends in media measurement.

What emerges is that pressure on media and marketing budgets – and the need to show ROI of marketing spend – is high. However, even though there are metrics that can drive efficiencies in the long and short term, few brands use them to guide their media planning.

Integrated insights can result in greater total marketing ROI. TotalMROI models can be used to quantify both short and long-term impact. Hard-to-measure investments like sponsorships show more than 300 percent ROI when properly accounted for.

Getting the right balance into a media plan is not just about channel, multitouch attribution modelling approaches have shown that, for certain brands, capping frequency of exposure is the biggest determinant of marketing impact – even more important than targeting.