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Company:  Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT
Brand value: US$496 million
Year on year change: N/A
Headquarter city: Jakarta
Industry: Food and Dairy
Year formed: 1928
Bango soy sauce is a store-cupboard staple in Indonesian homes, and is one of Unilever’s strongest brands in the country. It is seen as the ingredient that helps Indonesians make traditional Indonesian dishes taste great, and in its communications heavily emphasizes the value of local cuisine to family life, and the contribution of local soy bean farmers. The soy sauce market has been highly competitive in recent years, and Bango’s marketing has focused for three years on its highly successful Malika campaign, which tells the story of how malika – black soy beans – are nurtured by local farmers to create the highest-quality product, which helps mothers create great-tasting dishes that the whole family loves. Farming scenes and family harmony give these ads a distinctly Indonesian feel, and draw on the brand’s rich heritage in this market. Bango also holds an annual cooking festival, ‘Festival Jajanan Bango’ choosing several major cities each year in which to host these live events, which help consumers learn about how to make the best Indonesian dishes.

The brand has benefited from growing interest in home cooking due to tighter household budgets that restrict eating out. In 2015, Bango launched a mobile app called Warisan Kuliner, or Culinary Heritage, that provides consumers with directions to the nearest outlets serving Indonesian cuisine in their area, a restaurant review section, and popular recipes using Bango. New product launches in the past year include Bango Bacem Ayam & Tahu, sauces that make cooking the traditional dishes ayam and tahu bacem quick and easy. The company has also launched two farmers’ empowerment schemes to improve the living standards of farmers and their families. Unilever Indonesia, which bought a majority stake in Bango in 2001, is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.