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Company: PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk

Brand value: US$593 million

Year on year change: 1%

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Category: Food & Dairy

Year formed: 1928

Bango soy sauce is a store-cupboard staple, and positions itself as the brand that helps people make traditional Indonesian dishes taste great. Communications emphasize the value of local cuisine to family life, the quality of its soy beans, and the contribution of local soy bean farmers. In 2018, Bango launched a new variant, Bango Light, made with traditional kedelai malika soy beans and stevia leaves, for a lower-calorie product. The brand hosts an annual cooking event, Festival Jajanan Bango, which in 2018 was held in Jakarta and Makassar, showing people how to prepare their favorite dishes and keep traditional cooking alive. The brand’s Ramadhan campaign in 2018 was launched in collaboration with the volunteer school Sekolah Relawan and the seasoning brand Royco, another in the Unilever Indonesia range, with the tagline “Satu Masakan, Satu Kebaikan” (One cuisine, one kindness). Also working with Royco, Bango has launched a daily recipe site offering simple ideas for meals.