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Banks Insight | Digital

Richard Mullins

Managing Director, EMEA



Digital banking

matches or exceeds

branch experience


In many parts of the world, the biggest challenge for banks is getting people out of the branch, away from physical engagement, and onto digital platforms that are as good as—if not better—than the branch experience, providing banking access anywhere and anytime. The focus is around customer design, and having that engagement match the required customer experience, and where possible add value to the customer. In Spain, BBVA focuses on digital as a channel, trying to improve the experience on a continuing basis. There are banks in South Africa where you can pay someone using WhatsApp or Twitter, which allows the user to supply a code to be input at an ATM, which will dispense the payment. This kind of innovation is available today. Without a bank, you can transact. The challenge is getting to taking this level of freedom beyond transactions, to investing, loans and applications, so that the customer engagement becomes seamless.