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Company: Barclays

Brand value: US$5,677 million

Change since 2018: -10%

Headquarter city: London                

Industry: Banks

Year formed: 1690

Barclays UK is a personal and business bank with about 1,200 branches across the country serving 24 million retail customers and almost one million business banking clients. Innovation has been central to its offering and it recently became the first UK High Street bank to allow its customers to "switch off" certain types of spending on their debit cards. Designed to help vulnerable customers but accessible to all, it allows account holders to block spending in certain categories, such as pubs, gambling sites, premium-rate phone numbers and petrol stations. Barclays has also launched a campaign promoting its Digital Eagles service, which helps people use digital technology safely. The brand has become the Women's Super League’s first ever title sponsor, in a deal the Football Association has called "the biggest ever investment in UK women's sport by a brand". The three-year partnership makes Barclays the lead partner in a nationwide scheme to promote football among schoolgirls.