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Company: Barilla Group

Brand value: US$1,042 million

Change since 2018: 7%

Headquarter city: Parma

Category: Food & Dairy

Year formed: 1877

Barilla pasta has become the best-known pasta brand in the world, with over 160 shapes and sizes sold in more than 100 countries. Barilla is in its fourth generation of Barilla family ownership and is controlled by three brothers, chairman Guido Barilla, and vice-chairmen Luca Barilla and Paolo Barilla. The brand’s blue box is instantly recognizable, and it has come to signify Italian cuisine and know-how.  The brand’s communications in Italy for many years featured the tagline “Dove c’è Barilla, c’è casa” (“Where there’s Barilla, it’s home”), and internationally Barilla is advertised as the choice of Italians. Barilla’s pasta recipe was upgraded in 2016 and communications since then have focused on quality of ingredients and of the pasta, and corporate transparency through the social media campaign “Guarda tu stesso” (“Look for yourself”). In 2018, sportsman Roger Federer became Barilla’s brand ambassador, adding a more international outlook and promoting a modern take on Italian cuisine and the brand.