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Parent Company: Swinkels Family Breweries N.V.

Brand Value: US$171 Mil.

Headquarter City: Lieshout

Category: Beer

Year Formed: 1719

As it celebrates its 300th anniversary, Bavaria finds itself thriving at the intersection of heritage and value. Its name refers to the “Bavarian” method of bottom-fermenting beer — it was the first beer made this way in the Netherlands — while its price positioning places Bavaria between private label and the big mainstream brands. The company saw record revenue in 2017 and nowadays exports to 130 countries worldwide. Their introduction this decade of non-alcoholic beers has fueled expansion into the Middle East while also serving as the centerpiece of a Diego Maradona-fronted campaign at home. These traditional ad campaigns are supplemented by well-known, humorous “ambush” marketing tactics. At a time when consumers are increasingly interested in sourcing, Bavaria also has the benefit of producing their own malt and owning their own water spring. Bavaria has defined 13 social responsibility themes, and has decided to focus mostly on five: these include subjects like energy use, water use, waste management, local involvement, and responsible alcohol usage. The brand is privately owned by Swinkels Family Brewers (which was known until recently as Bavaria N.V.).

Responsibility index: 102